Special Auroville Experience

Auroville is not a tourist place but a place of experimentations and created for realizing human unity. Auroville is an international township started from the vision of The Mother with the teachings of Sri Aurobindo. Auroville and Pondicherry are twin towns. One must not miss the special Auroville experience during their visit and time at Pondicherry. The experience is curated with an Aurovillian where the guests are taken inside the community of Auroville to have interactive and special meaningful visits with the community. One is usually peri-metered only at the visitor center premises. This experience allows one to explore Auroville at their will and with the guidance of Aurovillian. Special chance to have lunch at Solar kitchen – a community kitchen of Auroville.

Duration : 4 hours | Ideal time for the tour: 9.30AM

Ideal for : Ideal for seekers, sabbatical sort, to experience something new, perfect getaway, pop culture.