8 hours of pure delight in Pondicherry

8 hours of pure delight in Pondicherry – A quick read

I’m Anbu, and I’m 24 years old from Pondicherry, India.

Trust me, I have a wonderful travel story to share with you.

I was working in a Scuba Dive Center four months ago when I decided to take a brief holiday. At my lunch break, Mr. Venkat, my senior, called. He invited me to participate in the bike tour (One of the activities that he is organising in Puducherry).

And he inquired if I was interested in a position in his tour operations. Who could possible refuse?

If opportunity knocks, I’m the type of person who will open the door before the opportunity knocks. You’d have realised by now what I’d done. Yes, as you might expect, I said yes to the call.

We finished our conversation, and I joyfully returned home.

The exciting element is that,

In my perspective, this might happen to anyone at any time.

As I got home, I remembered that Mr. Venkat told me to have a recap of Pondicherry’s history and I began to think about the books.

Should I go to the library to grab some books, or should I use the internet to get my information?

The day was almost done when I was contemplating this, and my mind was racing like a sprinter.

I set my alarm for six o’clock in the morning since I needed to be there by seven thirty.

Yet, as you may imagine, curiosity kept me up that day.

I must have woken up 10 to 15 times that night.

The big day has finally come. My alarm went off at six o’clock in the morning. Because it was pouring, I was scared the tour would be cancelled.

Thankfully, we carried on with our plans while the weather was favourable. Believe me when I tell it was an incredible experience for me.

 Kayaking Experience:

Our day starts with kayaking with our guests. Many are familiar with Pitchavaram Mangroves.

But we have Mangroves in Pondicherry as well. I too got to know it in recent times only.

So, mangroves and kayaking, a best combination I know after idly and sambar which is also a divine experience.

Heritage Cycle Tour:

To the next phase of the day, we started our cycle tour on the French quarters section.

I honed my road trip abilities by learning how to lead bike tours and interact with tourists.

Trust me when I say that the first part of the trip was wonderful. As you hear Mr. Venkat’s stories on the spot, you will feel the history.

The coffee shop’s excellent sea view setting made for an amazing coffee with a view.

Afer Mr. Venkat continued the second phase of the tour, seeing

  • An aesthetically pleasing hotel
  • Women’s embroidery
  • A lovely park
  • An ashram
  • French institutions, as well as
  • India’s first modernist structure.

Every area on the preceding list has a different tale.

By recounting the story here, I will not reveal the finale.

Visit the sites with Mr. Venkat; he will be able to relate the story better than I can.

As a result, you will get a lot of experience.

He also organises walking tours in Auroville, cycle tours in Auroville, pottery workshops, walking tours in White Town, indigenous tours to villages, and so on.

Pottery Tour:

My next experience will be with pottery; there is a village near Villianur with a potter who has been doing pottery for 60 years.

With his age and ability level, the potter manufactured a variety of mud items on the spot and also made us do the pottery.

Regardless of the outcome of my first clay product, the experience and excitement make me feel out my daily routine.

Now I’ll conclude the blog by noting that whenever you’re bored or tired of your daily routine.

Simply take an 8-hour break and visit these locations.

Both your mind and soul will be revived.

For these amazing tours,


Mr. G. Venkata Subramanian

Mobile: 9789424750



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