A Flare for Watersports – Kayaking and Canoeing

A Flare for Watersports – Kayaking and Canoeing


It all started when I spent my three years at Tagore arts government college, Pondicherry in National cadet corps (NCC) Naval wing. At NCC Navy I was exposes to all sorts of water activities at chunambar, such as Pulling in DK Whaler boat of 27 feet with heavy wooden oars length of 17 feet.

Pulling/ rowing was one of the high voltage sports which required very good fitness and technique. Oarsman – They are of high-grade men(women) of finesse and fitness. We used to spend our day at the backwaters and then there were Ocean sailing expeditions.

Ah man – those are they days well spent. Now that I have C certificate in NCC Navy and years passed by. The memory of the water sport did not die and not ever. Still, it is vivid that what it takes to be an oarsman. Since Pondicherry is a coastal town, there were not much water sports activity until lately. Pondicherry has a huge scope for water sports where it’s blessed with small patches of mangroves and little stretches of backwaters. Now at Pondicherry Beach escapes have introduced kayaking and canoeing as a carbon neutral adventure to explore the backwaters and mangroves with the angle of conservation. It’s a global phenomenon that the beaches and backwaters spit out the waste disposed elsewhere.

Mangroves and backwaters clean ups and plantations are done with long term plan. These leisure paddling offering special sites of the town and paddling is touted to be one of those leisure sports which offers physical and mental health. Kayaking and canoeing can be done solo as well as with one’ co-paddler. It is interesting to do it for sunrise and sunset combining kayaking to the ancient port ruins – Arikamedu. A trade center from 2500 B.C. Stories of arikamedu will make one awe. There is scope for combining your time with kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving and surfing in water sports and day trips to do trekking in the eastern ghats. Get in touch with our travel facilitators to plan your adventure time at Pondicherry.

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