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Embark on a Breathtaking Cycling Adventure to Pondicherry’s Bucket List Beaches

Beach Cycling in Pondicherry

When we think about visiting the erstwhile French colony Pondicherry on the east coast of India. We cannot miss exploring the pristine beaches of the Bay of Bengal. Pondicherry coast coastline is approximately 30 km. Fine beaches include the promenade in Goubert Avenue and few more compelling ones which we are going explore in a fantastic way of cycling to the beaches.

You will start the beach cycling from Samudra Scuba Dive Center located in Veerampatinam fishing village – the cycle starting point is an idyllic coconut trees swaying through the gentle breeze adjacent to a backwater lagoon overlooking the Eden beach and Chunambar backwaters paradise beach on the other side. You could also combine beach cycling and scuba diving as well.

Once you report at the location, we will keep our belongs in the locker, fill up the registration form, sort our MTB cycles, do a small briefing about the program and will start.

Stop 1: Archaeological site – Arikamedu – 1000 BC to 1300 AD

If it was the silk route for the china, it is the maritime route for India – particularly the kingdoms on south india. Researchers exclaim south Indian kings followed routes of turtles and ocean currents and established trade connections with Europe, south Southeast Asia, and ancient China. Pondicherry was a compelling emporium maritime trade center in the east coast of India called as the Coromandel coast. Products such as glass beads, terracotta figures, pottery ware such as Arretine, rouletted, celandine were dealt. Interestingly in the jars of amphorae olive oil, wine, garum a fish sauce condiment were also dealt. In-depth, we will be exploring the stories of Arikamedu with the viewpoint of the backwater mangrove stretch. Arikamedu is close to 35 acres full of plantations and thickets of mangoes, palms, and species of tropical dry evergreen woods. One can spot life of different kinds as well from birds, butterflies, replites, amphibians and small mamals. Personal favorite spotting are the colorful miniature fiddler crabs aka uca crabs doing mating display.

Spot 2: Ruby beach a lesser known gem of Pondicherry.

one of the region’s most alluring secrets, Ruby Beach. Nestled on the opposite side of the port mouth, this pristine stretch of shoreline offers an experience that’s nothing short a visual treat. It one of the most lesser known beaches of Pondicherry. In our beach cycling we will visit this beach. The views are magnificent. On one side you can see the new lighthouse the river mouth and the port harbor area and you will see the shoreline of Pondicherry as a panoramic view as it has extended pier structures on to the sea. You will also see fishermen’s boats passing and docked catamarans readying for the venture into the sea by making their fishing nets ready. On the otherside, you will see the beach shoreline stretching to its infinity and horizon southwards of Pondicherry.

Spot 3: immerse yourself in a fishmen village – veerampatinam and diamond beach.

Veerampatinam is the largest fishing village of Pondicherry.  It has wide town planning nestled around an ancient temple called Sengazhuneer Amman. The legend of the temple as it is narrated when a fisherman caught a blood-oozing wooden log in his net and he had a dream same night about the feminine god speaking to him to raise an abode of herself. Such a powerful temple with invoked ancient energy spiraling around the place. A true guardian deity of the village.  The village is known for a quite large temple car festival where there is a customary from the French time that the governor and people pull the temple car around the village. Even now the governor and chief minister follow the customary. We will visit the temple and we will also visit the local diamond beach. It is full of local sights with lot of fishermen boats docked, snacks and shop establishments for the tourist population to engage. A colorful evening cycling to the spot makes you immersed into the fishermen village, culture and people around you.

Spot 4: Watch sunset at blueflag eden beach

Eden beach is located in veerampatinam fishing village – the feature of eden beach is very interesting. It has lagoons, backwaters, micro patches of mangoves, coconut trees and the wide white sandy beach stretch. In the beach cycle program we will visit this beach you can enjoy the beach. As puducherry is on the east coast there only a few places where one can see the sunset. Eden beach is one of that offering itself a large expanse water body and beautiful horizon. You can also spot few common water birds such as kingfishers, heron, stork, piper and gulls. Overall a fascinating place to end the beach cycling with.

A small introduction about the 12 blue flag beaches of India

There are 12 beaches in India that have been awarded this prestigious certification namely: Golden Beach – Odisha

Shivrajpur Beach – Gujarat; Kappad Beach – Kerala; Ghoghla Beach – Diu;  Radhanagar Beach – Andaman and Nicobar; Kasarkod Beach – Karnataka; Padubidri Beach – Karnataka; Rushikonda Beach – Andhra Pradesh; Kovalam Beach – Tamil Nadu; Eden Beach – Puducherry; Minicoy Thundi Beach – Lakshwadeep; Kadmat Beach – Lakshadweep

The Blue Flag certification is an eco-sensitive accreditation given to beaches, based on inclusive and sustainable means of tourism operations that meet some perquisites. Blue Flag Certification takes into account the ecological indication of the local coastal zone.

The Blue Flag certification is awarded by a Non-Profit Organization called the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The Foundation for Environmental Education is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 1981 as the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe. It comprises 77 member countries, at present. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEFCC) launched the Beach Environment and Aesthetic Management Services (BEAMS) programme under the Integrated Coastal Zone Management project.

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