Villages & Crafts

The famous Hollywood blockbuster movie Life of Pi movie has the storyline started from Pondicherry. There are many spots in the movie where it was shot at Pondicherry. Few are located in the rustic village side of Pondicherry. Visit to these village side gives one a sneak peek into the movie location and also experience of village folk culture with hands on experience on traditional crafts like weaving, pottery, terracotta, papier mache and much more visits to the contemporary entrepreneurial crafts sort. One can get a relish village lunch or snacks to end the tour.

Duration : 3 – 4 hours | Ideal time for the tour: 9.30AM

Ideal for : For children and adults to hands on crafts, for local culture and heritage lovers, to visit as family, a typical day at the villages, village food and snacks.

Combine with : Outdoor farm cooking: Lunch / snacks ; Workshops: Terracotta/ Pottery/ Papermache/ Folk music exploration & Face painting.