nature cycling trail in pondicherry

Nature Cycling Trail – Conservatory Forest / Conscious farm

What we will do in Nature Cycling Trail : A mini feel-good cycle expedition in the midst of nature, see intricate ravines & sandstone formations, do bird watching, Cycle through regenerated landscapes and forests, Enjoy Herbal tea while spotting various rare medicinal plants, increase your endurance and knowledge on nature, 60% offroad– mud gravel cycling / 40% village roads, Learn about Tropical Dry Evergreen forests & their ecosystem.

Duration: 2 Hours | Extension 2 hours

Age limit: Above 8 years

Time: 5.45 AM or 3 PM 

Booking: One day before, based on storyteller availability.

Inclusions: Storyteller for the tour, Branded Raleigh, Toronto cycles for the session, snacks, and tea. 

Venue for reporting: Morantandi Arch 

Parking: Yes.

Pre-requisite for the tour: Need to know cycling

Ideal for: Nature lovers, birdwatchers, biodiversity enthusiasts, Keen to explore and understand indigenous flora and fauna, lesser-known plans and Medicinal plants, to know local ecosystems, cattle and poultry shed, educational, for children and adults, adventure lovers.

Nature Cycling Trail Gallery

Pondicherry and Auroville cycle tour in nature. Take a nature trail cycling tour to enjoy forests and farms

Benefits of Cycling in nature for our body, mind, and soul.

In our evolutionary path, we have always threaded in the wide forests, jungles, and water bodies overlooking many sunrises, and sunsets with other planetary movements. The adults who are witnessing the culmination of their wanting spaces go away before their eyes due to the population explosion and rapid urbanization, have this dire thought and wish is how they, their children, and future generations will get to enjoy nature. This is already gone worse with a sedentary lifestyle and electronic frequencies. The primal need of wanting to be in a wide-open space and in a natural area is the craving of the conscious mind.

In the modern world, one person has to get at least 150 minutes of exercise in a week to be fit. 80% of us fail to get the minimum requirement but almost everyone feels that they want to get enough exercise. We live in a world where we no longer have to be physically active but we look for very strange ways that we have to choose to be physically active. Exercise culture is crazy. But what you need to do is exceedingly simple. There is a strand of solution before us. Still, there are green spaces left and it is up to us how we could slightly alter our approach so we could be in line with our past genetic wiring. Now let us begin with a question – When was the last time you cycled in nature? 

 Studies show that cycling in nature-based areas can recoup the mind and body with associated hormones compared to any other activity. As per references taken from studies: “Immediately after you start pedaling, your brain gets a spike of serotonin, the happy hormone. Among the various benefits, cycling can improve your brain’s cognition, functioning, and physical structure.” The very basis of connecting back with greenery, sun, water, and soil with physical movement through cycling changes puts us in a much-needed evolutionary state. Slowing your brain’s aging by cycling at nature-based areas will help our body and mind to become more efficient by building neurons and growing the hippocampus.

Cycling in nature-based areas exposes and connects people to the region’s awe-inspiring natural beauty at a meaningful level. It physically connects, nourishes one’s soul, and fosters the creation of natural spaces and compassion for wildlife (and for fellow humans), especially in children. Reviving those gone days when at least one in the family could identify the least set of plants, or trees for their medicinal and utilitarian value. Acknowledging and enjoying life’s diversity such as the different sets of birds, insects and other animals syncing with seasonality will give a purpose to our time. This cycling session helps one to cope with fitness and get the wisdom of nature.

Backdrop and the regeneration of lands story.

The shift in the contours of the natural spaces has been noticed internationally – Policy makers and agencies are declaring new nature reserves to protect and share with future generations. There is an entire clan of people who are turning back to the past wisdom, natural heritage, and environmental education. It all started back in the 60s at Pondicherry & Auroville – with the influence of the Sri Aurobindo and The Mother two spiritual collaborators who shared the philosophy of integral yoga and karma yoga. The collective community which is now spread as The Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Sri Aurobindo Society, and Auroville functioning as different entities wanted to be a self-sustaining model of every need. The primary is food and shelter. Over the years since the 1920s, it has delved into forestry and agriculture for the community in the lands in and around Pondicherry and Auroville. Many patrons and devotees will generate funds to buy lands in and around. To start with these lands of which were cashew groves but the other lands mostly barren, and unproductive and some were until the 2000s. But the work started in the 60s. Only a half-century later and after 2 generations the results will show up. The story of regeneration and models of sustainability is worth mentioning and a learning platform for visitors.

Nature cycling trail to farms and forests.

Live examples of how natural spaces should be and what is the true consciousness behind the natural places Through the regenerated landscapes and know the story of the forests and farms in the surrounding villages of Puducherry, Auroville & Tamil Nādu. We chose a farm and two forests through the surrounding Indian villages which are compelling projects where guests can have an immersive experience

Conscious Farms -Matrikunj of Sri Aurobindo Society

A farm that seeks to depict the interconnectivity of nature, health, animal welfare, community, and environmental sustainability. It is carried out in a manner so that it may inspire and educate others to consciously choose agricultural practices for a holistic and harmonious future

Conservatory forests – Aranya & Sadhana Forests of Auroville

Visit a regenerated landscape with tropical dry evergreen forest & shrub jungle. Cycling on the nature trail offers a visit to the intricate topography and the ecology of the region and a sneak peek into knowledge on medicinal plants, indigenous trees, and lesser-known flora and fauna species which help to sustain critical ecological balance and ideas of co-existence. Get to know in-practice ideas on regeneration, sustainability & climate resilience. Listen to the story of how can a forest and community thrive only gift culture, compassion, volunteering, and adopting 100% nature-friendly frugal methods and practices

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